TMJ Problems

These Temporomandibular Joint Problems in the Articulation of the Jaw Can Cause Different Types of Pain in the Head and Neck Region That Sometimes Can Extend to the Back of It.

This can be caused by different reasons; one of the main ones is stress.

The patient usually grinds or tightens his/her teeth, other causes may be due to lack of teeth, problems in the denture, psychological, systemic and postural problems. The most common procedure is by the placement of an occlusal splint, there are also alternative procedures such as physiotherapy, relaxing massages, muscle relaxants, surgery, and psychological treatment. Go for assessment to a specialist in case of having any of the symptoms described above.

The Most Common Symptoms Are:

  • Pain in the region of ear
  • Headache, mainly in the temple
  • Face and neck pain
  • Back pains

The treatment differs depending on what causes it, and must be treated as soon as possible as it could lead to irreversible disorders.

A Video SICAT FUCTION is shown to let you know that we are EXCLUSIVE in the use of this most accurate and developed technology in the world. It is done in an exact way thanks to the integration in the software of all the necessary measurements for a complete diagnosis.