The Treatment of Periodontal Diseases Can Sometimes Be Surgical in Which It Is the Tissues That Support the Tooth Such as Gums, Bone, Periodontal Ligament and Root Cement in Order to Restore Periodontal Health.

In the procedure, most cases require anesthetizing the area to be treated, we speak of a surgical procedure where it is performed from a deep cleaning of the dental support tissues, to grafts of bone tissue and soft tissue. It is necessary to take antibiotics, analgesics and anti-inflammatories before, during or after the treatment as recommended by your doctor.

In case of mobility, migration of teeth, gingival bleeding (bleeding gums), gingival inflammation (inflammation of the gums), suppuration (pus) and bad breath.

Care and Recommendations:

  • Rest from 3 days to a week
  • No Smoking
  • Do not make effort
  • Avoid spitting
  • There are no fatty products
  • Do not drink alcoholic beverages